Greetings frens.

Verily, it has been a busy season.

Fear not, the LeXpunK Army may have been quiet, but it is always working.

The LeXpunK BUIDLer Def Fund has been funded in partnership with the Yearn, Curve and Lido communities. The first slate of proposals and an operational budget have…

  1. LeXpunK_DAO1 is the first DAO of the LeXpunK Army.
  2. We believe that cryptolaw must be done the crypto way — in the open, with aligned incentives, accountability and an equal voice for BUIDLers, HODLers, DEgens and lawyERGHHHs.
  3. We will engage in nonprofit cryptolaw advocacy as autonomous lawyERGHHHS— always keeping in…

  1. At the intersection of law and decentralized technologies, the true calling of lawyers is to join with BUIDLers, HODLers & DEgens — partying in autonomous zones, mobilizing nomadic war machines & founding cloud nations
  2. Thus, the LeXpunK army has risen
  3. For the leXpunKs, law is visceral; it is pervasive, utterly…

Judge Jowday

∴ Θελημα ∴ DADA-fi ∴ heterarchy ∴ pataphysics ∴

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