L3X — ReDeploy & Mint

Judge Jowday
4 min readOct 12, 2021


Greetings frens.

Verily, it has been a busy season.

Fear not, the LeXpunK Army may have been quiet, but it is always working.

The LeXpunK BUIDLer Def Fund has been funded in partnership with the Yearn, Curve and Lido communities. The first slate of proposals and an operational budget have been approved and are ready to launch. More on that soon.

For now, we speak of L3X: the social token of the LeXpunK community.

L3X is now here, re-deployed with a new and improved contract enabling efficient distribution and future growth.

L3X has been pre-allocated to known participants in cryptolaw communities, as well as the Yearn, Curve and Lido communities. If you are one of those participants, then you already know it and can claim your L3X by following the instructions below.

All L3X are currently non-transferable. More L3X are currently indefinitely mintable. Control of L3X is currently centralized with lex_node as a trusted LeXpunK community member. This centralization should not be of great concern initially, as L3X is intended as a reliable signaling tool for the LeXpunK army, not as money. All control features can (and likely will) be removed in the future — after sufficient L3X distribution and achievement of community autonomy.

L3X Minting Instructions

Method#1 — For the Command-Line Savvy


Method #2 — For Web Browsers

  • Click “2. claim”
  • “2. claim” should expand like this
  • Copy your address from Metamask by clicking the tiny squares next to the address
  • Open a new tab, go to the merkle distribution JSON, do Ctrl + F and paste the address you copied in the previous step to search for your Ethereum address within the JSON
  • Back in your etherscan tab, under “2. claim”, fill in merkleIndex as 0 and populate the rest of the fields using the corresponding information from your address in the merkle distribution JSON, like so:

Tips: Make sure not to copy/paste the quotation symbols in the index and amount fields. Make sure you do include the brackets when you copy/paste for the merkleProof field.

  • Click “Write” — assuming Metamask is still connected to etherscan and is pointing to the right address, Metamask should prompt you to approve the transaction (yes, you will need to pay gas)
  • While you are waiting for your tx to process, open the Metamask expanded view, like so:
  • You should get a new tab that shows a more detailed view of your Ethereum address.
  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom of that page until you see the “Add Token” button like so, and click that:
  • That should take you here:
  • Click “Custom Token” and enter the L3X address, like so (the Token Symbol and Token Decimal should auto-populate):
  • Click “Next” to get here, then click “Add Tokens” at the bottom
  • You should now be able to see your L3X balance once the “claim” transaction you performed through Etherscan gets mined to the Ethereum blockchain.

Congrats on joining the LeXpunK Army. Now things get interesting

If you have any problems, please double-check that you have read and followed all the instructions carefully. Decentralization requires self-sufficiency.

If you still have problems after that, please post to the LeXpunK Army chat and we will do our best to help.



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