LeXpunK_DAO1 : Cryptolaw for Degens

Judge Jowday
2 min readJun 26, 2021
  1. LeXpunK_DAO1 is the first DAO of the LeXpunK Army.
  2. We believe that cryptolaw must be done the crypto way — in the open, with aligned incentives, accountability and an equal voice for BUIDLers, HODLers, DEgens and lawyERGHHHs.
  3. We will engage in nonprofit cryptolaw advocacy as autonomous lawyERGHHHS— always keeping in mind that law should be changed more by crypto than crypto should be changed by law.
  4. LeXpunK_DAO1 uses the Dandelion fork of the Aragon DAO protocol, and thus also reflects the Moloch DAO design principles.
  5. Our members will be lawyers, devs and representatives of one or more incentive-aligned DAOs with punk origins and principles — (1) bootstrapped (2) non-VC-oriented and (3) prioritizing creativity over profit, direct participation over intermediation.
  6. All members should be required to maintain a public conflict of interest disclosure under autonomous law voluntary disclosure principles. All work should be done in the open, with input from the LeXpunK army through L3X voting.
  7. To foster alignment with the broader LeXpunK army, members should receive and maintain a certain minimum balance of L3X.
  8. We are targeting a number of potential initial projects, subject to the discretion and prioritization of our early membership:
  • regulatory advocacy on liquid staking issues
  • judicious deployment of the LeXpunK army to help mediate and resolve inter-DAO disputes
  • an amicus brief in SEC’s case against Bitconnect promoters, to prevent the Bitconnect case from being used as an adverse blueprint for holding DAO participants liable in DAO activities
  • a set of guidelines, best practices and model wet contracts to help developer teams navigate legal issues surrounding DAO formation and governance
  • model legislation for DAO members to receive limited liability in the United States, without forming a traditional business entity
  • work toward defining the canons of cryptolaw and the groundwork for a cloud nation of DAOs
  • LeXpunK army recruitment
  • helping others form and join their own lex DAOs

8. If you are interested in funding or working for LeXpunK_DAO1, or forming your own LeXpunK DAO, please contact fill out our intake form.



Judge Jowday

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